Delo 400 monograde oils are mixed-fleet motor oils recommended for older four-stroke gasoline and diesel engines that require a monograde engine oil.

Delo 400 oils are formulated for exceptional performance in older engines using both normal, high,and low sulfur diesel fuels.

Delo 400 monograde oils are not recommended for use in DDC two-stroke engines.

Delo 400 monograde heavy duty motor oils deliver value through:
Controlled oil costs

Minimal crownland deposits and outstanding oxidation stability lead to the ability to minimize oil consumption.

Long engine life

Excellent control of deposits and wear optimize the engine overhaul intervals.

Exceptional engine cleanliness

High detergency provides excellent deposit and sludge control in the piston ring belt area.

Warranty Plus protection

Bumper-to-bumper warranty protection from the engine to the drive train. Payment for Chevron lubricant-related damage to your equipment, including parts and labor.* Problem resolution and technical advice from Chevron’s lubrication experts.

Access to Chevron’s lubrication and industry knowledge

Help maximize your bottom line business results.

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Available in the following sizes and quantities:
CHEVRON DELO 400 SAE 20 – 208.2 L DRUM

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