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Chevron Synthetic All-Weather THF delivers value through:

  • Low operational costs — Excellent performance in a wide range of ambient and operating temperatures provides year round improved low temperature hydraulic and transmission responsiveness.
  • Long oil life — Outstanding ability of the base stock to withstand oxidation at high operating temperatures results in maximum service life of the oil.
  • Long equipment life — Special additives help to protect metal surfaces against scuffing and wear even under severe operating conditions.
  • Low inventory cost — Chevron Synthetic AllWeather THF has the potential to replace many of the other hydraulic fluids in your inventory which can significantly free up space in your warehouse and minimize your carrying cost. Always confirm that the Chevron product selected is consistent with the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer’s maintenance practices.
  • • Minimalized weather and storage concerns — Protects against rust and corrosion of highly finished precision parts when operating in humid conditions and during seasonal shutdown periods.
  • Minimal downtime — Good compatibility with seals, O-rings, and packing materials maintains their good condition and keeps leakage at a minimum.
  • Smooth operation — By protecting against brake “chatter” and transmission “slip” it maximizes the quiet and efficient action of brakes and transmission.
  • Reliable operation — Formulation helps keep metal parts clean and free of varnish and sludge deposits that could result in premature breakdown.


Chevron Synthetic All-Weather THF is a unique, high quality, multifunctional fluid, specially formulated for use in transmissions, final drives, wet brakes, and hydraulic systems of tractors and other equipment employing a common fluid reservoir.

Chevron Synthetic All-Weather THF is specially designed for all weather operations and applications — both severe winter cold and extreme summer heat. It meets the requirements of both John Deere J20C and J20D specifications. This, combined with excellent oxidation stability, minimizes the need for seasonal oil changes.

Its distinctive orange color provides for easy product identification and leak detection.


Chevron Synthetic All-Weather THF is a combination lubricant for modern tractors and similar equipment. It performs many functions, such as lubrication of the transmission and final drive, and serves as a hydraulic fluid to operate power steering units, brakes, implements, and attachments.

Chevron Synthetic All-Weather THF has a viscosity index much higher than conventional multifunctional transmission/hydraulic fluids. This provides excellent flow at low temperatures and good oil film protection at high operating temperatures.

Furthermore, Chevron Synthetic All-Weather THF:

  • minimizes brake “chatter” and excessive brake facing wear
  • assists with the smooth operation of clutch packs and wet brakes
  • provides excellent shifting action
  • provides rust and corrosion protection for vital parts
  • minimizes leakage because of good compatibility with seals, O-rings, and packing materials
  • minimizes sludge and varnish formation
  • protects metal surfaces against scuffing and wear
  • provides excellent gear lubrication compared to conventional cold weather, low viscosity tractor hydraulic fluids
  • allows for ready leak detection because of its distinctive orange color. Chevron Synthetic All-Weather THF is compatible with many combination tractor, transmission, and hydraulic fluids.
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