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Howes Diesel Treat is North America’s number one selling anti-gel and fuel conditioner. Made with no alcohol or harmful solvents, Diesel Treat safely removes water and prevents gelling in even the coldest climates. Safe, effective, and loaded with the latest and greatest performance-enhancing technology, Diesel Treat is designed to solve the problems created by today’s ULSD fuel. It provides lubricity, prevents deposits, and eliminates smoking and rough idle. Warranty safe, it is effective in all diesel and biodiesel fuels, including home heating oil. From truckers to farmers, pick-ups to diesel automobiles, Howes Diesel Treat is the most trusted additive on the market. Best of all, Diesel Treat is guaranteed to work


Prevents Fuel From Gelling

Howes Diesel Treat is the nation’s most trusted anti-gel. Its special formula has been tested and proven time and again to prevent gelling in even the coldest weather. Owners of all types of diesel vehicles and equipment rely on the Howes family’s guaranteed product to keep them going all winter long.


Adds Lubricity

Diesel Treat helps protect against today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuels by providing added lubricity to injectors, pumps, and upper cylinders. In doing so, it extends the life and increases the performance of diesel engines of all types.


Prevents Deposits

More than just an anti-gel, Diesel Treat also contains a specialized detergent package to help prevent fuel injector deposits. Carbon deposits on diesel injector systems can cause loss of engine power and other issues. Preventing these helps to improve performance and fuel economy, saving you money.


Removes Water

Water is abrasive to your system and can lead to fuel filter icing. Many products emulsify or mix water into the fuel, often using harmful alcohols or solvents that can do additional damage to your engine. Petroleum-based Diesel Treat demulsifies water, safely pushing it out of the fuel using no alcohol or harmful solvents.

Other Features Include
  • Prevents diesel fuel from gelling
  • Increases lubricity in injectors, pumps, and upper cylinders
  • Prevents injector deposits
  • Safely removes water
  • Eliminates smoking and rough idle
  • Reduces cold filter plugging
  • Increases power and fuel economy
  • Safe and effective in all diesel and biodiesel blends
  • Particulate filter friendly and warranty safe for all diesel emission systems
  • Contains no alcohol or harmful solvents
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