Lubricant products can be ordered online directly through order-desk by emailing You may also order product by phone. If you do not have an account we will assist in opening an account with you. A Sales Representative will be assigned to you for follow up and site assessment.

You may place an order over the phone by calling 1-800-531-5823 and ask for the order desk. If you do not have an account, we will assist in opening an account with you. Pick up or delivery is available pending volume requirements. A Sales Representative will be assigned to you for follow up and site assessment.

Upon delivery of your order, a hard copy of the packing slip – receipt of goods should be signed and checked by your receiver. A copy will be left for you. Invoices will be emailed or sent out by post.
Our trained team of Sales Representatives will be happy to assist with your demographics and industry needs. We will have available for your use a template for Model, Make, Year, Mileage and Engine size to give you product recommendations for our Transit Lubricant Brand and CHEVRON – Havoline or Delo products.
Rental agreements for equipment will be available for qualified accounts. Your Sales Representative will work with you to best determine your equipment requirements.
Transit Lubricants will determine the value and equipment you require along with annual usage to determine our investment. Once you have qualified, an Equipment Rental agreement will be completed. Terms and conditions will be detailed and transparent.
Your OEM owners guide or manual will determine the lubricants recommended for your application. Premium lubricants will traditionally have more robust additives and could have a different base oil, the price will be higher for premium products. Also, the drain intervals for maintenance of your equipment may be longer with a more premium lubricant. The Specification guide on the PDS will outline these benefits.
Start by working with your trained Sales Representative who will assist and work to guide you through this task. They are trained to evaluate OEM specifications and assist with recommendations.
Always check your OEM guide for recommendations. It is important to follow these guides especially equipment under warranty.
Always start with the OEM recommendation for lubricant products. Operating conditions and environmental conditions will determine recommended product specifications. A trained Sales Representative will be able to assist. As well, we have a Technical support team available to assist with your questions.

About Service

Viscosity is detailed on the Product Data Sheets. Your OEM manual or guide will tell you the operating conditions for equipment and give you this range.
We have a dictionary of terms for your use. These are guidelines only. Your Sales Representative will be able to assist.
Always contact your Sales Representative to assist. Lubricant suppliers change specifications per the OEM requirements. We will be able to tell you the newest specification and the backward compatibility of the product.
Our primary market area is Southwestern Ontario from the Greater Toronto Area, including Niagara Peninsula to Windsor and Sarnia. North to Owen Sound, Barrie and East to Peterborough, Pickering, Ajax and Oshawa.
We offer a prepaid minimum, depending on your zone. If minimum liters/purchases are met, shipping is included.
Promotions and incentives are offered with Lubricant programs. Speak with you Sales Representative who will detail marketing incentives to drive your business.
Yes, we work with minimum volumes for bulk and package purchases. This benchmark allows us to provide you with our best pricing. Speak with your Sales Representative to discuss options when they make sense for both our businesses.
Transit Lubricants Sales Representatives are assigned to a specific trade area for effective and efficient service. We would be happy to send your information to them and they will set up a mutually agreeable time to conduct a site survey.

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